An API (Application Programming Interface) allows two applications to communicate with each other. Standardised data transfer from one system to the other provides an enormous boost. For example, because the outside world can now connect to your ecosystem via self-service. This gives you an edge over the competition because coordination is no longer necessary.

Make data available faster and in a standardised way

An Application Programming Interface (API) enables the data transfer between systems. They are widely used to make business data accessible to business partners to standardise data flows between software. Because APIs are programmed instead of encrypted, developers can go live faster with innovative apps. APIs therefore have a lot of added value because they contribute to cost reduction and new ways of serving customers.

New business opportunities

APIs available over the Internet create new business opportunities by making it easier for business partners to connect to your ecosystem through self-service. This is also possible with mobile devices. Less coordination is needed with partners.

APIs thus offer organisations flexibility, make scaling up easier and help provide secure access. All this gives you a competitive edge.