Custom and supply chain solutions

Organisations in transport and logistics have to deal with a lot of documents. Packing slips, invoices, electronic messages from the Chamber of Commerce, customs documents, etc. Much benefit can be gained through process improvement in contact with trading partners.


Import and export involve a great deal of digital documentation. Companies operating internationally have to deal with legislation, controls and trade restrictions from several countries. Kyzen Global Supply Chain Management is a division of ECS International, specialised in technological solutions that remove barriers to ensure a fast delivery.

The emphasis is on electronic chamber of commerce messages, customs documents and trade compliance. Kyzen services include:

  • Denied Party Screening: Avoid sky-high fines by checking the sanctions lists of the European Union, United Nations and United States. These lists include companies, organisations or individuals who may be involved in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, human rights violations or terrorism;
  • Classifications (HS, ECCN, ITAR): Prevent products from not going through customs, or not going through on time because the correct identification codes are missing;
  • Import and Export Control: Make sure that all taxes have been paid, such as VAT;
  • Bonded Warehouse: Easily declare goods placed in storage indefinitely, without having to pay import duties and VAT;
  • Customs Clearance: Complete customs formalities quickly and easily.

Kyzen's strengths:

  • A 'best of breed' strategy. Solutions built on what you already have: software integrates existing applications, adds new functionality and makes organisations more agile;
  • Extensive knowledge of international laws and regulations in the field of import and export;
  • Good at advice, technology-driven;
  • Local base, internationally oriented;
  • Proven to be successful with numerous international implementations;
  • Backed by specialised working partners worldwide.

Kyzen's solutions: