Dell Boomi

For fast exchange of electronic data, it is important for applications to talk to each other. Dell Boomi's AtomSphere environment makes integration and acceleration of business processes easy.

AtomSphere interface

The cloud offers many advantages, but sometimes also makes the IT landscape unclear. Organisations have IaaS, PaaS and Saas solutions. This means that they no longer have in-house hardware, but put operating systems and databases in the cloud and purchase applications via the internet. This is a working method that provides more flexibility at lower costs, but makes data exchange a challenge. Dell Boomi solves this with the AtomSphere interface, which connects all applications and interfaces quickly and easily.

ECS is Boomi partner

ECS International is a certified Boomi partner and supports with advice, design, implementation, training, maintenance and management. This way, we can always assist with data integration and with accelerating business processes.

Dell Boomi offers the following concrete advantages:

  • Modernisation of your IT ecosystem;
  • Faster onboarding of new partners;
  • Faster transformation of any type of data into usable information;
  • Cost efficiency and growth through innovation.
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