The integration platform that converts data to any format or standard for fast, secure and cost-efficient exchange of electronic information.

X4Connect connects

X4Connect brings business systems and people together. Effective data transformation enables fast, automated exchange of electronic messages, with internal and external partners. Quickly convert data to any format. This saves costs, time-consuming manual work and reduces the risk of errors and delays. The result: your employees can focus on their core tasks again and customers are more satisfied.

Do it yourself or outsource it?

The integration of IT systems is based on relatively complex technology. Sometimes there is absolutely no way that data can leave the building, which means that applications run internally. Also, many types of apps are often used, which means that many data types, protocols and standards exist. X4Connect reduces complexity, is stable and helps to quickly set up new connections. However, not everyone has the knowledge and capacity to implement, manage and maintain an integration platform themselves.

ECS International therefore offers X4Connect 'as a service'. This means digital B2B messaging and connectivity from the cloud. Scalable and flexible, without large upfront investment and without concerns about implementation, management, monitoring and maintenance. We will take the work off your hands.

The possibilities

X4Connect offers a wide range of services for streamlined digital data exchange.

The advantages